Wealth Gain is our only AIM for Investor’s funds with adequate margin of safety built in our advice suitable to each investor.

We have observed that often people with great abilities and ideas are stuck because of lack of funding,we help them with equity finance services

We look to fund upward and uptoof $5 million for a number of small start-ups. As regards IPO, we look forward to encourage many aspirants upward of $10 million.

We have always encouraged and invested in individuals, not firms. The one with thousand suits, thousand five hundred ties, may not be candidate for VCPE or IPO backing.Equity finance in India is little new concept We search for the ethics,passion love and dedication for the concept in the entrepreneur to provide them right equity funding in india.

We look forward to individuals with the spark to drive the idea into concrete utility. An Idea that represents disruptions in the way normal business is carried out. We look forward to such ideas Google,youtube, Facebook, Food Plaza,Dmart,Infosys etc.

We do not attach much significance to exits. It is not good for the long run. Then one would be always scared about failure. We look at how concrete the idea is, where will it lead to, how would the accompanying environment shape up etc.

We use our Art of Negotiation else where and not while grooming an entrepreneurs Entrepreneurs, corporations and professional investors looking for superior investment banking solutions turn to Equity Finance in India. We deliver exceptional merger advisory, financings, valuation and consulting services to middle-market public and private technology and business service companies and family-owned businesses.

we strive to set ourselves apart from other investment bankers by putting the needs of clients first and foremost in every aspect of how we do business. To support this objective, the way we manage and staff our projects is different, the way we’re paid by clients is different, and even our ownership structure is different.

We pride ourselves on providing companies and their stakeholders with frank insights into their businesses and honest, unbiased advice on what their next move should be.Ourclients work directly with our senior management with a wealth of analytic, strategic marketing, financial, legal intelligence (Securities & Exchange Board of India, Stock Exchanges, Reserve Bank of India, Company Law Board, etc.). Our executives and associates have significant entrepreneurial or operational management experience, which helps us better understand your needs and objectives.



When the time comes to realize the financial value of your hard work and investment in a business, Veer Capital Corporate Group will show you all the options available to assure solid decision-making. We judge a successful business sale by our ability to meet and exceed your objectives, whether your goals focus on value, cultural fit, strategic fit, future upside, liquidity or any other important transaction characteristic. We create markets for closely-held businesses and provide merger advisory for public corporations and professional financial investors.

Let us help you with Selling a Business, Corporate Divestitures, Partial Liquidity Events, Valuation Analysis, and Strategic Consulting.



Buying a business is a complex undertaking. You’re looking to acquire the one company that will best move your business or investment strategy forward. No matter where you are in the acquisition process, we help you to maximize your potential for success. We help you understand the risks involved with buying a specific business, make sure the deal is structured appropriately, assist you in maintaining good relations with the seller, and help overcome the sticking points that invariably arise along the way. From uncovering unique targets that closely meet your key acquisition criteria to closing the deal, we facilitate your purchase process from start to finish.



Project funding India Group helps clients seize the opportunity to take their businesses to the next level by accessing new capital. We maintain strong relationships with institutional investors, buy-out investors, venture capitalists, private equity, senior lenders, and their professional advisors. Our extensive relationships enable us to assist you in finding the right capital partner that will share your goal of continued growth and success. Most importantly, we can help you find a partner that understands the key challenges your company faces in today’s rapidly changing environment.


we can help you with Growth Capital, Financing an Acquisition, Recapitalizations and Debt Restructures.



Looking over the business landscape, you see many potential opportunities for growing your company and building shareholder value. But with so many choices in sight, how do you identify the best path to follow? we can help you determine the right direction. Through in-depth strategic, financial, and industry analyses, we uncover the full array of information you need to make the optimum choice for your company and its investors. From working through complex governance and corporate structure issues to deciding whether it’s time to grow through acquisition, we provide objective answers to all your complex business questions.


What Client Says...
  • Sanjay GOwner, SG Group

    “I want to take a moment to let you know that your support all along has been incredible. I understand that there were some technical glitches in getting the funds transferred on time; however your timely involvement and resolution helped in getting the funds available to me just on time. "

  • Gawade S.Director

    "I have taken loans from various banks and repaid to everybody. The only appreciation letter came from Equity Finanne India, which shows how you value your customers."

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  • To get most competitive interest rates from the renowned banks.
  • Help you in choosing the appropriate rate selection.
  • Assists you in document organization and loan application.
  • Help you in getting higher loan amount.
  • Easy repayment option with convenient EMIs.
  • Flexible/Maximum loan tenure.
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